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Remove the fixed and energy blocking ways your mind reacts to life. Grief, sadness, depression, anger, impulsiveness, incessant thinking, fear get removed or greatly reduced. Once your reactions stop, you can be sure that your body knows how to heal itself. This removes the inner stress and you can get well, feel well, and live a good life, become effective, loving, patient, and joyeous... Imagine That!


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Do a quick experiment. Imagine hearing that someone just opened your door from the outside, and no one has a key, but you... so you are sure it's a burglar, maybe someone ready to kill you. Now, watch your breath... feel the tension in your chest, in your limbs, in your back, in your head...

Your body reacted to this thought experiment as if it were already happening. As if it were real.

If you did this often, you would end up with heart failure as sure as that the sun gets up on the East every morning.

This was just one fealing: fear of something.

Now consider, that every little thing, every thought, every news headline, causes some mental reaction that constricts your body in some way.

Greed, envy, hate, worry, anxiety, jealousy, impatiens, restlessness, tiredness, anticipation, fearing for another's well-being, disappointment, expectation, giving up, the thought that you can... they all cause a specific and definable area of your body to disfunction.

In the end, no wonder that we get sick.

But, luckily, each of those causes, the character flows, the over-reacting, can be countered.

And while your body is healing, your relationship to life, to your money, to your family, to your future will change in amazing ways. Things that have been eluding you will be attracted to you because of your new, harmonious insides.

This is the real miracle. This is something that no surgery, no chemo-therapy, no pills can do: change you from a miser, from a worry-wort, from a scaredy cat, from a victim, from a selfish creature, from a harsh judgmental critic to a lovable, pleasant, attractive human being.


Enter Your First Name:
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